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Why study with Care Skills Academy ?

Care Skills Academy is the centre for skill development and training that leads students towards a better future in a short timeframe. The academy aims to fulfill the growing demand for skilled manpower in India through its range of skill development, vocational and job-oriented courses.

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us :

  • 1

    Short-term job-oriented programs with over 60% hands-on training that gets you trained and job-ready faster.

  • 2

    Over 175 no’s of qualified staff provide students with a full-scale experience.

  • 3

    Dynamic job oriented courses that prepare you for a rewarding career in your target industry.

  • 4

    We use the most advanced technology (used by Europe and US), tools, equipments and training materials offering an interactive learning atmosphere to our students.

  • 5

    Students are trained by experts who work in the field and know the industry.

  • 6

    Three & Six months Certificate programs in Home Appliance Repair Education, Ecommerce, CRM and Soft Skill Development.

  • 7

    100% job search assistance to help you land your job in the National and Multi-national companies’ service centres.

  • 8

    Develop vital employability skills, essential technical abilities and gain experience to excel as skilled workers.

  • 9

    Soft skills training and technical education for careers in sales and service industry.

  • 10

    Authorized training partner of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), a Government of India initiative for creating skilled workforce for our nation.