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Message from Director


Satyendra Kumar

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Care Skills Academy (CSA), the institute for technical and vocational education. The institute was established in 2013 to power an ambitious mission of driving the development of a knowledge-based economy in India. India is all set to become the largest contributor to the global workforce and its working age population is likely to swell from 749 million to 962 million over 2010 to 2030. And with this, the need for skilled workforce is on an overwhelming rise. We wish to significantly deliver to this growing need by actively participating in the process of building skilled workforce for our nation. Care Skills Academy’s teaching approach focuses on imparting the actual skills required in a workplace through quality education, advanced tools and techniques.


Santosh Upadhyaya

Welcome to Care Skills Academy, the centre for technical, vocational and skill development training in India. Our primary mission is to provide programmes and resources that will aid in our students professional development. The quality, impact and value of training at CSA are well demonstrated by an impressive list of students being place in national and multinational companies. While the employers are starting to hire more number of candidates, they are also expecting more from those they hire. This is why Care Skills Academy remains a popular choice among employers looking to fill their vacancies. We offer many opportunities for students to become better prepared to face the world. With the varied range of technical and vocational course, advanced tools and techniques, innovative teaching techniques and experienced faculty, we are here to help you stay competition.

We wish to help the young generation of India to acquire knowledge and skills required to enhance their chances of employability in the present job market through our range of vocational, technical and skill development courses. I invite you explore our innovative learning centre and discover how Care Skills Academy can change your world.